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My Body - Today

I'm sorry I haven't updated pictures in a while.  Not a whole lot has changed other than the fact that I started working out again and went from 165lbs at the time of the procedure to 180lbs today.  I'm still in my size 8 pants but I can feel the difference.  My stomach feels swollen all the time for the extra weight.  No one else can tell because I still wear the body garment but I have got to do something to lose at least 10 lbs.  I'm extremely stressed out right now in my home life which I think is a driving factor, but come the 1st I'm moving so fingers crossed, life will improve tremendously.

 Now this picture below, is with the flash on so it looks different than the one directly beneath it even though they were taken seconds apart.
 This is what I mean when I talk about dimples on my stomach or bumpy looking.  It's not flat and smooth.  Unfortunately, you never know how the skin is going to reattach itself to the muscle.
 You can see that I still have some skin elasticity issues the way the skin hangs over the bikini bottom in this picture.  You can't really grab anything on my stomach, even when I bend over, but the skin just refuses to be taunt.  Remember, I have been bigger than most kids my whole life, and got up to 243lbs at age 26.  Genetics is also a factor.  If I had Italian in me I've been told my skin would have more elasticity from all the oil in my skin.  Who knows!
Now every woman knows everything looks better tan!  I'll see how I feel after I go tanning a few times.  My friends want to go on a cruise and everyone thinks I'm retarded because I still wear a one piece bathingsuit.  Maybe this time I'll be brave but I can't be this white! LOL


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have thought about getting lipo done and I was wondering if you knew of any places that did smart lipo in Michigan?

  2. It’s a great move for you to engage in exercising again. This would definitely help a lot in keeping you in shape after liposuction. Your body has improved nicely, especially on the thigh areas. Anyway, I hope you’re happy with the result, and I’m looking forward to seeing you get a tan. ;)

    Shavonda Duarte

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  4. Thanks for posting your story. Your before and afters are great. You look like you had a boob job too in your bathing suit pic above :) I just had smart lipo to abdomen and bra roll 2.5 weeks ago, it's hard waiting for my final results but I can already tell a difference. The maternity pants are a brilliant idea, I may try that!!!!!

  5. Ha Ha .. no boob job .. they just look bigger as my body gets smaller :) I hope you are as happy with your decision as I am. I really need to do updated pictures but I moved and there's no easy way to set it up to take them. I'll work on it :)

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