Sunday, November 18, 2012

Smart Lipo - Inner Thighs - Day 3

Monday, I had my upper stomach and back done.  On Wednesday, I went back to have my inner thighs done.  The pain was minimal in comparison to what I had experienced on Monday.  That could also be due to the fact that my body was still in shock.

The procedure was pretty quick.  The doctor decided to do CO2 Laser Resurfacing on the outside of my thighs where I had the most excess skin.  I was beyond surprised when she brought it up.  I knew what it cost me to have the stretch marks done on my stomach and here she was going to do both of my thighs - for nothing?!?!

The one thing that means the most to me about my experience with Dr. Kaufman, is that she is a perfectionist.  Yes, she has made a good amount of money off of me, but at the same time, she could easily be in it just for the money and suggest such a service and then say, well, that will be an extra $1,000.  They are so incredibly good to me at that office!  I absolutely love them!

In these pictures, you're going to see the scabbing from the CO2 Laser Resurfacing on the thighs.  That's why they look the way that they do.  You can also see serious sagging of the skin, which I was in full blown panic over!

Here you can see the sagging that I was talking about
The skin is incredibly sensitive.  When I took a shower and the water hit my thighs, it felt like constant needles hitting my skin over and over again.  It was beyond awful!

You can also see there was a lot more done on my left thigh as it was the "bigger" of the two and has a lot more bruising.

There's still a lot of healing to do, but definite progress.


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  8. Can you show pictures of how your thighs healed up with the CO2 laser on the inside of your thighs? I need to have this done and keep looking for pictures.

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