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2-Week Before and After Pictures

As promised, here are more before and after pictures!

So far, I'm extremely happy with the results!  It was well worth the pain and the $2,000 to help resolve some of the lingering issues from the first procedure.  One thing that I didn't realize the first time is that because this is an out patient procedure, the doctor is only allowed by law to remove a certain amount.  Like I said before, I had 4 liters removed during the first procedure.  As there are only 4 one liter contains on the machine, my guess would be that is the legal limit.  During my second round, I had two and a half liters removed.  There was enough wiggle room for the doctor to fine tune the areas that needed it, whereas before, she was limited to what she could do.


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Smart Lipo - Inner Thighs - Day 3

Monday, I had my upper stomach and back done.  On Wednesday, I went back to have my inner thighs done.  The pain was minimal in comparison to what I had experienced on Monday.  That could also be due to the fact that my body was still in shock.

The procedure was pretty quick.  The doctor decided to do CO2 Laser Resurfacing on the outside of my thighs where I had the most excess skin.  I was beyond surprised when she brought it up.  I knew what it cost me to have the stretch marks done on my stomach and here she was going to do both of my thighs - for nothing?!?!

The one thing that means the most to me about my experience with Dr. Kaufman, is that she is a perfectionist.  Yes, she has made a good amount of money off of me, but at the same time, she could easily be in it just for the money and suggest such a service and then say, well, that will be an extra $1,000.  They are so incredibly good to me at that office!  I absolutely love them!

In these pictures, you're going to see the …

Before and After Pictures

Here are some from just before the procedure and just after .. it's amazing to me to see how the body changes in just one day .. I'm very hopeful that the outcome will be exactly what I want!

Skin Retraction with Smart Lipo (Laser Lipo)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I decided not to have a tummy tuck and choose the smart lipo option first.  This picture alone should persuade anyone who has lost weight and is debating on which route to choose that it's not worth the risk with the tummy tuck or having that scar when you can spend less money and less time recovering to have smart lipo done.